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Yelp Updates Its Nearby Tab To Tell Users What’s, Ummm, Nearby

June 18, 2013 No Comments

First, a confession. I don’t use Yelp. It’s not because there is anything wrong with it, it’s just that I am not the right demographic. I am not an urban dweller who is constantly on the lookout for something to do. As a result, reviews of places don’t apply to me in most cases.

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After Closing $3 Million Series A, Qwaya Wants To Help SMEs Get Down With Facebook Ads

June 17, 2013 No Comments

It’s often said that if you’re not on Facebook you don’t exist, so dominant in our social lives has the uber-social network become. And so it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that businesses — big and small – may feel the same way. Hoping to cash in on the rise of Facebook advertising is Stockholm-based Qwaya, which offers a cloud-based tool for SMEs to create, publish and measure the effectiveness of Facebook ad campaigns.

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Google+ Gets Big, Image-Heavy Redesign

June 16, 2013 No Comments

If you’ve visited your Google+ account in the past day, you may have noticed Google’s big announcement at play: a new look and feel for the social network that puts imagery front and center in a huge way.

Too huge, some argue. The size of cover photos has increased yet again, taking up the full half of the screen above the fold. Here’s how the Search Engine Watch Google+ page looks upon arrival:

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11 Unique Ways to Boost Your Social Sharing with Buffer

June 13, 2013 No Comments

When it comes to sharing on social media sites, you can be free from the real-time grind of sending as you type. There’s no need to do all your social media posting while sitting at a screen, thanks to a number of apps that do the job for you.

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16 Secret Google Analytics Advanced Segments Worth Their Weight in Gold

June 12, 2013 No Comments

Analyzing your website data with Google Analytics is much like mining for gold. Advanced prospectors profit because they know where to look to find the nuggets, while inexperienced practitioners come up with only dirt after making the mistake of trying to prospect the entire mountain.

If web analytics is like gold mining, then a Google Analytics advanced segment is the pickaxe you need to chisel through your data to expose the glimmering insights inside.

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Three Killer (and unfortunately most ignored) Link Building Ideas by @resultfirst

June 11, 2013 No Comments

Let’s face it: authorship may have been bulldozing around for quite a while, but links are the most important ranking factor for search engines, still. SEOs are still buying links for their clients. High-authority sites are still selling do-follow sponsored links – Forbes was recently penalized for that (note, it’s been penalized in the past too); Search Engine Roundtable was also penalized doing the same (amazingly, Barry surrendered to Google this time around and no-followed all the sponsored links on his site). These are some of the many sites we know – yet there are many out there that’re selling links secretly.

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Google, A New Business Plus-pective by @lewis__austin

June 8, 2013 No Comments

Many Google plus users were welcomed recently with the some new design changes. First impressions are, “I can see a lot more content”, which is great for both the user and also businesses. In some aspects, the new layout reminds me of Pinterest, I believe this is because of the focus of images and staggered posts. This does make the network seem much more fun and I can honestly say I can see myself spending more of my online time on this platform.

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Bid Wars – Why Overbidding Leaves You Vulnerable

June 6, 2013 No Comments

Auction-based ad serving is a clever idea that seems to have the best interests of both ad servers and advertisers in mind. Ads are ranked and costs are calculated according to simple, well-defined rules.  But, as is often the case, even systems with a few simple rules can create some complicated situations.

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OK Google: ‘The End of Search as We Know It’

June 4, 2013 No Comments

“People communicate with each other by conversation, not by typing keywords — and we’ve been hard at work to make Google understand and answer your questions more like people do,” said Google’s Amit Singhal in a post on features announced at Google I/O.

At the event’s keynote yesterday, Singhal said he always dreamed of building computers like those in Star Trek.

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Road Construction Services in Edmonton, AB

June 4, 2013 No Comments

road construction services

Road Construction Services

Park Paving Ltd. is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  This locally owned and operated company has provided a variety of road construction services to Edmonton and the surrounding area for over 35 years.  Our services include construction and maintenance of arterial and residential roads, commercial and industrial sites, as well as private developments.

At Park Paving  we believe recycling technology offers environmentally responsible and cost effective solutions to constructing and maintaining infrastructure.  This belief has led to the creation of divisions at Park Paving dedicated to recycling.  These divisions include Recycle Crushing Industries (RCI) and Asphalt Reclaiming Company (ARC).   We integrate environmentally responsible practices into all aspects of our road construction services, from reducing carbon emissions by not idling vehicles or equipment to participating in the National Pollutant Release Inventory Program at our asphalt plant, Park Paving remains committed to the environment at all levels.

Everyone at Park Paving participates in creating a safe, fair, and equitable work environment for all our employees.  Park Paving’s safety program is recognized by the Province of Alberta’s Department of Employment and Immigration and the Alberta Construction Safety Association through their Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program.  We are also successful participants in the Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board’s Partnerships in Injury Reduction Program.

Park Paving and its employees actively participate in the community in which we live, as well as the industry in which we work.  Our community involvement includes an annual United Way Campaign, support of charitable golf tournaments throughout the summer, special projects for the Rainbow Society of Alberta and various other sponsorships.  Our industry support includes memberships with organizations such as Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA) allows us to provide input for industry improvement.

Along with safety, responsibility to the public and our employees, our goal is to meet “customer needs with quality products and service, at a competitive price”.


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