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Canada Business Pages Online provides services that will put your business on the fast track to a great position on Google. By combining our SEO strategies with innovative social media networking, we will promote, and augment your business’s advertising campaign!!

Your location location based SEO campaign, keywords, meta data and descriptions are combined with your location to produce top-level rankings. We integrate all of these pieces of content to produce powerful combinations. This SEO strategy will help bring your Website, Landing Page, Facebook Page, Blog Page, and Google Places account to the forefront of Google Searches.

Service #1) Landing Page in our Canadian Directory

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Supported Business Information:

  1. Address, Phone, Toll Free Phone, Fax, Toll Free Fax, Email 1, Email 2, Website 1, Website 2
  2. Keywords – You can supply us with a list of customized keywords. After our SEO modifications your keywords may be located in different positions in code of the page, as well they may be changed due to high competition.
  3. Brief Description – Here you can write a short summary of your mission statement, or a small paragraph of text outlining, and describing your operations. Any new Deals, Sales, Promotions should be updated as often as possible.
  4. Google Map – This map will show your business location on Google Maps, and allow for easy access and directions to your company.
  5. Photo Gallery – Here you can add up to 15 Photos showing your Business, Products, or Services. These pictures will be labeled and also indexed with Google.  Meaning anyone searching for those Business, Products, or Services through Google Images will be able to find those Pictures that are labeled as such.
  6. Video – You may add 1 video which you may change at any time. We will develop your YouTube presence by posting your video on our channel, that is visible to all of our customers across Canada. Your videos will also be indexed with Google, and searchable via your keywords.
  7. Social Sharing Links – A Powerful sharing tool for you included in our Package. Visitors can share your landing page with their Friends, Followers, Clients, or Sales team, using one of the most comprehensive sharing tools available today.
  8. Email a Friend – A fast, reliable way to share business information with specific people.
  9. Twitter Link – This button will allow any visitor to get directly to your twitter account. Ask about our Twitter Management Services. Also Check out our NEWEST Twitter Concierge Service!
  10. Facebook Link – Get noticed via Customers, Clients, Friends, and Family via your Facebook Page. Ask about our Facebook Page Management Services.
  11. Get Directions Link – Clients can discover how to reach your business with a click of a button.

Service #2) Social Media Advertising

There are many ways to advertise your business. Social Media is emerging faster than ever… consider it the next big consumer search engine. Our  Facebook Page currently has around 3000 Followers, and its content is updated daily to keep our page fresh. We will share a small paragraph about your business that will help people discover your company, while improving organic links to your landing page and website.

Ask one of our customer support technicians about our following Facebook Services:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Page Setup
  • Facebook Page Management Services


Service #3) Commercial Blog

Canada Business Pages Online will provide a complete Blog just for your business. Why pay thousands of dollars for a blog when we will make you one as part of our package?

A blog is another place on the Internet for people to find your information, and read about deals, new products, and new services. Blogging is a great way to keep the population up to date with your newest activities.

We will create your blog free of charge, and we will make your first post. This will allow Google to index more links to your content to promote your business organically. Ask about our Blogging Management Service where we will work with you to post as often as you want. Keep your blog fresh and current!


Service #4) Google Analytics

As part of your purchase we have included Google Analytics to your landing page.  You will receive via e-mail, a link to add your Analytics. These Analytics will show visits, page views, demographic information, as well as many other analytical tools.

Canada Business Pages Online strives to provide our customers with all of the tools to make informed decisions on Advertising and Marketing. Use our services and learn how to promote your business online!


Service #5) Custom Google Ranking Control Panel

Watch as your rankings rise. Learn how to modify your keywords to choose terms and words that will reach you target market.This product will also allow you to spy on your competitor’s rankings as well. Choose 1 – 3 competitors and watch how they rank against your keywords.

We will work with you to make sure your rankings are on the rise, and increasing with popularity.

All the tools at your disposal make for  confident informed decisions. Don’t fall victim to the thousands of knock offs and large advertising companies telling you they have your best interest at heart. Take control of your advertising and target better markets!