Why You Need A Process For Integrated Marketing

March 21, 2019 No Comments

Integrated marketing is about consistently portraying your brand’s truth. All the time. In every communication.

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3 Essential Excel Practices for Formatting

March 20, 2019 No Comments

In this post we’ll go over If/Then statements, =SUBSTITUTE, and =CONCATENATE for keyword formatting and ad copy auditing.

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Diagnose High CPL In PPC Search

March 17, 2019 No Comments

There are multiple ways of diagnosing a high CPL, however, these are a few quick and relatively easy ways to figure out why your costs are rising.

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5 Must Watch PPC Reporting Metrics For Small Businesses

March 15, 2019 No Comments

Let’s dive into the data that PPC platforms like Bing and Google provide small businesses and identify 5 easy ways you can use the wealth of information available to make little PPC campaign tweaks that add up to big results.

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Amazon New-to-Brand Metrics & What They Can Do For You

March 14, 2019 No Comments

Amazon has launched new metrics for brands advertising on the platform to better understand their audiences and who is buying on the platform. There are four new metrics that offer new-to-brand insights for advertisers. The metrics give an idea of what percent of purchasers and orders are new to brand versus returning customers coming from […]

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SaaSy Chatbots: How To Talk Back To Your B2B Customers

March 12, 2019 No Comments

In May of last year, one of my B2B SaaS clients kicked their landing page forms to the curb and implemented chat-bot only conversions. At the time, there seemed to be a dearth of information about chatbot marketing. This ended up being a boon as I was able to get creative with tactics to lure […]

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ANNOUNCEMENT! Hero Conf London Registration Is Now Open

March 11, 2019 No Comments

Hero Conf London registration is now open! The first 45 tickets are 50% off. These will go fast, don’t wait to get yours!

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Opinions On SKAG Implementation Have Changed

March 9, 2019 No Comments

Should you still be implementing SKAGs in your PPC account? According to Hanapin’s Emma Franks, this answer is no. To find out the reasons behind this check out her post on Unbounce, Why SKAGs Are No Longer a PPC Best Practice (and How to Respond).

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Why Online Marketing Without Call Tracking Is A Bad Idea

March 8, 2019 No Comments

When I ask prospects or clients if they are tracking phone calls from their website, they often tell me they are not, never thought of it or “I guess we could look at our records from the phone company”. To make things worse, nowadays trying to make sense of attribution and storytelling to the client on performance has become an analytical nightmare. In this post, I will discuss the many benefits of Call Tracking and why it matters so much for both advertisers and agencies.

Let’s be clear, Call Tracking may not be beneficial for every business. In fact, some may not want to receive phone calls simply because they solely want to rely on online forms or digital transactions. But…. Here’s the problem. For those businesses that do rely on phone calls for their business’s success, it’s imperative that they know where the calls are coming from. This is not only a dilemma for the business, but also the agency or marketing director handling the marketing and advertising dollars.

Benefits of Call Tracking

For many years, I have managed everything from PPC, SEO, Email, Landing Pages, Social, etc…. In fact, even though they had extensive Google Analytics and platform pixels installed, tracking phone calls from the website was always the biggest obstacle because I could not verify that metric. With the addition of call tracking “into the mix”, it allows me as a marketer to identify which Ad platforms, campaigns and keywords generate phone calls. In addition, I can then correlate the Caller Id’s in the reporting to justify a valuable lead from a junk lead.

Learn more about Call Rail

While there are many call tracking companies available online, I have found that Call Rail provides the best features, easiest integration and frankly top-notch customer service around. Here are just some of the features of Call Rail:

Visitor & Keyword-Level Tracking

CallRail’s call tracking can reveal which keywords, campaigns, and landing pages are effectively driving phone conversions. See your visitor’s journey through your website before, during, and after the call.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic Number Insertion will automatically show the right tracking number to each visitor. Get up and running quickly by adding a single snippet of JavaScript code to your website or using our WordPress plugin.

Campaign-Level Call Tracking

Create trackable phone numbers to use in all of your online and offline marketing campaigns, including paid search, digital advertising, direct mail, television, radio, and print ads. Find out which ads are effective.

Multi-Channel Call Attribution

See the full story on your PPC, organic, social, remarketing, and other campaigns. Understand how they influence your customer’s journey. Multi-channel call attribution goes beyond first- and last-click metrics.

Form Submissions

Capture leads from forms instantly, and let CallRail alert you by phone, text message, or email. View detailed information about where your form completions are coming from and call customers back immediately.

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