New York Needs to Get Spongier—or Get Used to More Floods

September 30, 2023 No Comments

Devastating deluges around the world point to the metropolis of tomorrow: the “sponge city.” Think more parks and fewer parking lots.
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Fitbit Charge 6: Features, Specs, Release Date

September 28, 2023 No Comments

The latest in the company’s most popular series now requires a Google account to track your health data and to use Google Maps and Google Wallet.
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The 7 Best Conspiracies About Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

September 26, 2023 No Comments

Speculation about Swift’s long-game with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end is merging the sports internet and the Swiftie one, churning out a surprisingly good kind of misinformation.
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The World’s Largest—and Stinkiest—Flower Is in Danger of Extinction

September 23, 2023 No Comments

The 42 known species of the parasitic plant Rafflesia, known as the corpse flower, are endangered due to the destruction of forest habitats.
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The Great Unbundling of Rupert Murdoch

September 21, 2023 No Comments

Buying (and burying) Myspace, beefing up Fox News, lighting media dumpster fires—the longtime News Corp head shaped cultural conversations. With his exit, that era can end.
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The Biggest Revelations From the Microsoft Xbox Leaks

September 20, 2023 No Comments

Microsoft has traditionally been very tight-lipped about its Xbox and gaming plans. A new leak just opened the floodgates.
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A New Proof Moves the Needle on a Sticky Geometry Problem

September 18, 2023 No Comments

A deceptively simple math proposition known as the Kakeya conjecture underpins a tower of other questions in physics, number theory, and harmonic analysis.
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You Need to Update Google Chrome or Whatever Browser You Use

September 16, 2023 No Comments

Plus: Spyware-packing ads, TikTok GDPR violations, Elon Musk investigations, and more.
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The AI Hype Train Has Stalled in China

September 13, 2023 No Comments

Chinese artificial intelligence startups say uncertain regulation, chip shortages, and a slowing economy will make it tough to compete.
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Beis The Diaper Pack Review (2023): Practically Perfect

September 11, 2023 No Comments

The Béis Diaper Pack was my most trusted companion for the first year of parenthood.
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